Minimize Downtime with Ogontz Steam Traps

Many Ogontz self-contained valves feature a solid-liquid phase thermal-actuator that produces significant results – with exceptional reliability.

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Self-cleaning “Pinch Technology” eliminates dirt, costs less than other steam trap products and lasts several times longer (other types must be replaced every 6 months)

Feature Video: Watch how the Ogontz Steam Trap operates:




As the fluid temperature drops below the preset temperature, the wax contracts, allowing the force of the operating spring to open a direct-acting valve or close a reverse acting valve.

As the fluid temperature rises above the preset temperature, the wax starts to expand, exerting force on the operating spring and closing a direct-acting valve, or opening a reverse acting valve.

Features and Specs:
• No pilot Valve
• Automatic operation by a self-contained thermal actuator
• High repeatability; no set point drift
• In-line serviceability
• Temperature set points from 35° to 255° F (1.67°C – 1.24°C)
• Available in-line sizes from 1/2″ to 2″ (1.27 cm – 5.08 cm)
• 100% factory tested
• Direct and reverse acting

Ogontz products are known worldwide for trouble-free operation, low maintenance, and optimum energy efficiency. Our engineering, manufacturing, and design capabilities meet the most demanding customer specifications.