Three Key Applications For Freeze Protection

Using fluid temperature sensing valves for automatic freeze protection & fluid temperature control is the most economical way to protect outdoor pipelines and vessels from expensive freeze damage. A thermal actuator automatically opens the valve before the temperature of the fluid drops to the freezing point. By bleeding the fluid in the system only when the danger of a freeze-up exists, the valve delivers positive freeze protection with minimal waste.

This intermittent operation provides substantial savings in water and sewer costs, making the F/FG series valve an ideal, economical replacement for systems with manually operated block valves that are opened seasonally.
The Ogontz F/FG series can also be used in most applications that involve automatic control of fluids, such as glycol, oil, light chemicals, etc.

Winterization of Exposed Overhead Pipes

Use an F series valve to winterize an exposed overhead pipe and freeze-protect a water supply or fire line. Please note this is only for the internal sensing of fluid temperature.



Freeze Protection of a Condensate System

Installed on a condensate receiver, the F series valve provides positive freeze protection by draining the condensate system when fluid temperature approaches a preset critical temperature.


Freeze & Scald Protection of a Water-Cooled Air Compressor

FGR series valve installed on a water-cooled compressor. The FGR valve senses cooling water outlet temperature and throttles to maintain optimum compressor temperature. Thus, water consumption is minimized, and equipment life maximized.


The Ogontz F™ Series Fluid Temperature Sensing Valves for automatic freeze protection & fluid temperature control.

Ogontz provides consultation for any application where freeze protection is needed. Contact a freeze protection specialist at Ogontz to discuss your application.