Three Key Applications For Freeze Protection

Using fluid temperature sensing valves for automatic freeze protection & fluid temperature control is the most economical way to protect outdoor pipelines and vessels from expensive freeze damage. A thermal actuator automatically opens the valve before the temperature of the fluid drops to the freezing point. By bleeding the fluid in the system only when the danger of a freeze-up exists, the valve delivers positive freeze protection with minimal waste.

This intermittent operation provides substantial savings in water and sewer costs, making the F/FG series valve an ideal, economical replacement for systems with manually operated block valves that are opened seasonally.
The Ogontz F/FG series can also be used in most applications that involve automatic control of fluids, such as glycol, oil, light chemicals, etc.

Winterization of Exposed Overhead Pipes

Use an F series valve to winterize an exposed overhead pipe and freeze-protect a water supply or fire line. Please note this is only for the internal sensing of fluid temperature.



Freeze Protection of a Condensate System

Installed on a condensate receiver, the F series valve provides positive freeze protection by draining the condensate system when fluid temperature approaches a preset critical temperature.


Freeze & Scald Protection of a Water-Cooled Air Compressor

FGR series valve installed on a water-cooled compressor. The FGR valve senses cooling water outlet temperature and throttles to maintain optimum compressor temperature. Thus, water consumption is minimized, and equipment life maximized.


The Ogontz F™ Series Fluid Temperature Sensing Valves for automatic freeze protection & fluid temperature control.

Ogontz provides consultation for any application where freeze protection is needed. Contact a freeze protection specialist at Ogontz to discuss your application.

Winter Alert: Steam Tracing Control Valves

Automation of Steam Tracing Control Valves
and Heating Systems to Prevent System Shock

Process lines typically contain special oil, if the ambient temperature gets too low, the oil becomes coagulated, creating clogs, and will not flow. The clogs will cause a “system shock” by jamming the system and as a result, the maintenance costs can be extreme. The process equipment may be damaged, along with downtime and loss of production.
Ambient Sensing Valves minimize steam waste and protect process lines by automatically controlling steam flow in response to ambient temperature.


  • Direct acting
  • High repeatability-no set point drift
  • Valve opens gradually, preventing system shock
  • In-line serviceable
  • Solar shield provided for operation at 60°F
  • ½” to 2” NPT end connections
  • 100% factory tested







% of steam saved using Ogontz TL Valves on steam tracing lines
Automation of steam tracing and heating systems = ROI

Steam Saved Chart


Ambient Sensing Valves for the Automation Of Steam Tracing For Piping And Tanks


  • Effectively maintains desired temperature of process
  • Low maintenance and long service life
  • Continuously monitors process temperature and regulates steam flow

Ogontz products are known worldwide for trouble-free operation, low maintenance, and optimum energy efficiency. Our engineering, manufacturing, and design capabilities meet the most demanding customer specifications.